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Casino Games What is Sic Bo

The people of ancient China were quite fond of games and gambling. Go, mah jong and keno are some of the games that originated from that part of the world. Another one is Sic Bo.

Sic Bo means “a pair of dice.” It is a very popular game played throughout Southeast Asia as well as Australia, Korea and of course the United States. The gamblers in the Philippines have nicknamed it “High Low” while some Chinese refer to it as “Big and Small.” Sic Bo found its way into American shores in the early 1900s when the first Chinese immigrants arrived.

Like Craps, the game of Sic Bo is a dice game in which players endeavor to predict what numbers would appear on each throw. But unlike Craps, Sic Bo uses three dices instead of two.

There are 216 possible combinations divided into several types. You can bet on a single number such as 4 or 8, two identical numbers such as 3-3-10 or a rare three identical numbers as in 7-7-7. The types of wagers that can be made in Sic Bo are listed on a betting board similar to that of Roulette.

There is no shooter in Sic Bo. A dice tumbler is used in a casino. Once the dice are cast, all winning combinations made by that roll are indicated by a hightlight on the table. Players who wagered on those combinations are paid out according to the Sic Bo pay table. Sic Bo payoffs range from one to even money for single number bets to 180 or 150 to 1 for all three dice to yield the same number.

Sic Bo Bets

There are many types of wagers possible in Sic Bo. To name a few:

Big Bet: A bet that the total of the roll will be 11-17. (It can’t be higher than this since a total of 18 would mean a 6-6-6 or a trio.)

Small Bet: A wager that the total of the roll will only be 4-10. Big and small bets are the most common betting choices.

Double Bet: A bet for a particular pair of numbers to roll.

Triple Bet: A wager on a particular trio of numbers to roll.

Any Triple Bet: A bet for any trio to appear.

Single Number Bet: A bet on a specific number such as 1 or 4 to appear. This is the simplest bet and pays even money. You can get paid more if your chosen number appears in more than one die.

Total Bet: You can bet on the total of the dice. It can only be 4-17. A total of 3 would mean a 1 trio and a total of 18 would mean a 6 trio. Payoffs for totals vary. Totals 9-12 have a high probability.

Sic Bo is an extremely popular game around the world, especially in Asia. When you get tired playing craps, give this dice game a try.

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