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South Carolina has laws in place that make their stance on gambling very clear. It is not allowed when dealing with card games. Dealing, is what has gotten seven people into trouble.

Seven dealers are facing much stiffer penalties than the over fifty people who were accused of playing in an illegal gambling poker game.

The dealers will be charged with a misdemeanor, but their punishments, if convicted, could range from a $2,000 fine, to one year in jail, or both. That is the maximum penalty they will be facing.

“Charleston is not Las Vegas, and the reason it’s not is because there are laws in effect that draw a line. By far, most innocent games don’t pass that line. But when you start with theĀ novoline kostenlos online spielen kind of organization and paid employees and large numbers, significant amounts of money and the frequency with which they played, all of those things indicate to us that it goes beyond the line,” said Charleston County Sheriff, Al Cannon.

As with most illegal gambling busts, this one came with a couple government employees involved. A teacher, a police officer, a Navy Lieutenant, and a deputy prosecutor, were all among the accused gamblers.

Several of these people have already been removed from their jobs. Other have resigned.

Nevada Casinos Have Hearing Set Regarding Teacher Tax Initiative

The battle in Nevada over proposed higher taxes for casinos is well under way. The Supreme Court will hear an appeal on July 1st in regards to a teachers initiative petition.

The initiative is trying to raise the taxes of large casinos in Nevada. The Nevada State Education Association has brought on the initiative, and is working to secure signatures.

The tax rate for large casinos under the initiative would be raised from 6.75%, to 9.75%. The tax hike would help fund the education system in Nevada.

The Nevada Resort Association has asked that an appeal they have filed be handled in an expeditious manor. The Supreme Court has honored those wishes and set the hearing for July 1st.

The initial ruling is that the teacher’s union could move forward with the initiative. They are one of several different groups that have been advocating raising the tax rate for casinos. Nevada has one of the lowest tax rates for their casinos. The groups looking to have the taxes raised feel that with higher taxes, the money could be used for a variety of different reasons. The teacher’s union obviously wants the extra money to go towards education.