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Author: Canty Luckey

iMEGA Case to Repeal UIGEA Gets Extension Until Late September

Although an extension in the case iMEGA has brought against the US Department of Justice in order to repeal the UIGEA will make those paying close attention to the industry a little bit more anxious, the extension of the case to September 26, granted today and agreed upon by both iMEGA and the defense, is actually seen as a good sign by the iMEGA team.

The extension gives the iMEGA team more time to prepare their oral arguments.

The better sign for the iMEGA team is that the judge, one Mary L. Cooper, has agreed to hear oral arguments on iMEGA’s petition for a temporary restraining order (TRO) against the implementation of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA), as well as the Government’s routine motion for dismissal.

Given the court’s willingness to hear oral arguments, iMEGA believes that a dismissal of the case is unlikely.

The original court date for this case was set for August 17th, but the day before that date the defense asked for an extension, which they were granted until the 4th of September.

Analysts assumed that on the September 4th court date the defense would ask for a dismissal and believed there would be a good chance that their request would be granted.

However, now that the judge has agreed to hear the oral arguments all assumptions are off.

iMEGA feels that the UIGEA, if allowed to stand, would create a bad precedent that would chill innovation and the growth of e-commerce by US firms, and permit the flow of jobs and Internet firms out of the US to avoid stifling laws.

In the case of UIGEA, iMEGA believes that the embrace of readily-available, commercial technology can help remedy the social ills (underage and compulsive gambling, as well as fraud) far better than this law, which – ironically – would likely exacerbate problem gambling.

The points iMEGA feel most strongly about can be backed up by testimony given to the House Financial Services Committee earlier in the year.…

Casino Gambling in Kansas Could Be Big Money For Eventual Operators


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Kansas has been accepting applications for their four casino licenses. Some big casino players have entered into the ring for a shot at the licenses. The motivation is simple for these developers, the money potential is too good to turn down.

New laws have allowed for the addition of four new casinos in Kansas. Cherokee, Wyandotte, Ford, and Sumner counties are all future locations of what is expected to be a big casino business.

The state will own the casinos, which, in itself is somewhat different from other states that have recently passed laws allowing casino gambling. Developers will come in and build and run the casinos.

The opportunity for profit is great in the area. The law as it is written states that no casino would be allowed to be built until 2032. That means that there will be no competing with the new casinos for at least twenty four years.

The other advantage that developers will have in Kansas as opposed to other states is the percentage that the state is taking of the revenue. The rate will be twenty two percent, a low figure when it is considered that in some other states the percentage is above thirty.

Hurdles still need to be cleared before any casino gambling takes place. As is the case in most states when these laws are passed, there is legal opposition to the casinos. The ultimate decision will come down from the Kansas Supreme Court.

School Could be Torn Down Thanks To Casino Gambling Revenue

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Casino gambling revenue has been put to many uses by cities and states around the country. One of the weirdest uses of the revenue could occur in Waterloo if officials have their way.

Waterloo City Council members have decided by vote at their latest meeting that they would like to use $80,000 of the cities casino gambling revenue for the demolition of an old, abandoned school.

“I get complaints about it…it’s an eyesore, I’m very happy to see that it’s going to be torn down,” said City Councilman Harold Getty.

Tearing the school down will not be an easy task. The total cost is estimated to be at about $100,000. that cost will cover the removal of asbestos and also the cost of the demolition itself.

The building has been close to being purchased in the past, …

Imagine : Freedom In A Ron Paul Run America

Imagine Real Freedom in a Ron Paul Run America Ron Paul’s discussions on American policies have been embraced by the American public. Eventually his views will be embraced by American mainstream media, his views will be talked about by news anchors and taken seriously in publicized discussions. Then, once Paul gets voted into office, his new and innovative policies will be embraced by the American Congress, because the American Congress will realize Paul’s views are America’s views, too. Then, real change may occur in the United States.

Okay, so the mainstream media may never embrace Ron Paul’s messages, and thus Ron Paul will not get voted into office, and thus Congress will never change their stances on issues. America, as a result, will not change and will remain headed in the same direction it is currently on. Go, status quo!

But just imagine for a second living in a country with no federal income taxes, while remaining prosperous. And imagine, not only preaching the Golden Rule, but living in a country that is guided by it. Imagine for a second living in a country that not only preaches peace, but strives for it through peaceful means. Imagine.

Imagine living in a country that is truly free.

Don’t be scared. It is scary, but don’t be scared, just sit back in your office chair, relax on your couch, turn off the radio or the TV, click off the computer screen, put your feet up on your desk or your ottoman, close your eyes, and imagine being free.

But be careful because real freedom is scary. And fear is a powerful emotion. Votes over the past six years have been based on fear, and fear is difficult to overcome.

But just imagine for a second truly living free. Relax, let go of all worry and concern, and just imagine. Just for a moment, imagine living free of fear.

Imagine being able to save money freely for retirement. Imagine having the ability to purchase goods, freely. Imagine being able to spend money on entertainment, freely. Imagine not being fearful of speaking on the phone freely to friends and family.

Imagine a government that does not hide facts from its people, that does not misguide its citizens to protect its own agendas.

Imagine. Don’t be scared. Just imagine. Imagine change. Embrace it.

Ron Paul’s messages may be ahead of their time, they may need …

Casinos Spending Big Bucks on Both Sides of Gambling Expansion Law


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Usually there are opponents of expanded casino gambling. They are seen around the country campaigning because they feel casinos would be bad for a certain area. They offer up different reasons that range from addiction problems to crime.

Rarely, though, do you see actual operators of a casino campaigning against expanded gambling. That is what has happened lately in Louisiana. Two riverboat casinos that are docked in Louisiana have spent nearly $1.4 million on mail outs, consultants, and ads to ask for a “no” vote on Saturday.

On the other side of the coin, is Pinnacle Entertainment. They are hoping to bring a $250 million casino resort to the area. They have spent nearly $1.5 million on their campaign to convince voters to vote “yes”.

It is clear the existing casinos do not want Pinnacle moving in on their turf. The ad war has gotten so bad, that Pinnacle has accused the two riverboats of lying in one of their ads. The ad claims Pinnacle is trying to bully an elderly woman into selling her land, an accusation that Pinnacle says is completely false.

The truth to the story is that the lady would not sell to Pinnacle. The company has taken the issue to court for a ruling on where her 19.7 acre share of the land resides, this way the company can build around it.…

Casinos May Spur Return to Growth of Vegas Housing Market


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Las Vegas casino expansion may be the key to economic turnaround in southern Nevada, real estate experts feel. After astronomical growth in the housing market from 2000 to 2005, Las Vegas, like most of the United States, has suffered a major downturn in housing and related industries. But the end may be in sight.

According to statistics released by the Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors, home sales around Las Vegas have dropped 37% from last November, and home prices in the same period dropped 11%. Foreclosures were up 167% over the last year. Tax collections on sales of cars, furniture, and building materials have plummeted.

Still, newer, more elaborate and exotic construction is always planned for the Strip and surrounding casinos, and the vast amounts to be spent on casino renovation and erection over the next few years is seen as a huge boon to the area.

The Palazzo Hotel and Casino, owned by the Sands Corporation, is opening in the next few days and carries a $1.8 billion price tag. Multiple projects adorn the Strip, culminating in the projected 2010 opening of Echelon, a $4.8 resort owned by Boyd Gaming.

Deutsche Bank estimates 40,000 hotel rooms will be added to the area over the next five years, and over 100,000 jobs will result.

Real estate analysts say that, despite the current glut on the market, there may be a housing shortage in Las Vegas by 2009. Driven by the astounding demand for gambling resorts, the Las Vegas economy may avoid the worst of the U.S. housing slump, and start to show increase in demand for and prices of homes, even while other markets are still tumbling.…

Casino Gambling Bet Tips

It has always been so that the feeling of excitement attracted practically all people. To experience this feeling people tried doing many things and one of the most popular methods was gambling. Since ancient times people have been making bets and have been gambling at first at their own homes inviting friends and relatives and later there appeared special places where everyone interested could do it which received the name of casinos. People enjoyed casino gambling bet because it is very interesting and relaxing and is recognized to be one of the best ways of spending free time. In the modern world with the development of advanced technologies and the Internet in particular it has become possible to do online casino gambling even without leaving your house.

Internet gambling casino offers its visitors a great number of various opportunities from making bets and winning to playing some small games online even without making any kinds of deposits. All players recognize that the chances to win the game are much higher when you know some secrets of the game. Some casino games are considered to be better than others. The best casino games to play are those with the lowest house edge or those where a player has an advantage. Consequently there exist best casino bets compare to others. Among the best bets in casino it is possible to name the following: casino poker, video poker, blackjack basic strategy and some others.…

Casino web – the best casino web offers

Just a PC and a good connection on the Internet and the world is yours! You can go where you want in a matter of seconds and enter the fascinating universe of casinos, magical places where everything can happen. With the web casino, the gaming world comes to you to satisfy all your desires.

The French web casino is a bargain that did not exist a few years ago. To play at the casino you had to go to an establishment near the borders or in a resort. With the casino web France, you no longer need to undertake long trips and take out your tuxedo: all the casino games are available online and with such quality that you will not believe your eyes.

If you want to make your experience even more realistic, then choose one of the casino web games with a real casino dealer who will play against you in real time and you will be able to see through a streaming video on the site of the casino. Casino even. What can be better?

The best casino web is one that will bring you full satisfaction, not only in terms of its offer of games but also with the prices it offers. Just take a look at the fabulous amounts of jackpots and possible winnings and you will realize that this is a serious business. You can also see this by controlling the payout rate of the casino, which is how much of its income is redistributed to players through winnings.

At the best of web casino, you can try your luck and have fun, as if you were in a real casino. Put yourself at ease, get a drink from your favorite drink and make your games!…

Casino Smoking Ban Debate Pushed To Next Week by Iowa House


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A Bill has been proposed that would amend the current smoking laws in Iowa. Casinos and Veterans organization private events are considered the main beneficiaries to the amendment.

In Iowa, they are taking a similar approach to public smoking as many other states, banning the harmful activity inside public areas. There is a fifty foot area outside of public establishments where smoking would be banned.

An amendment to the current Bill on the table, however, would ease that restriction to only ten feet outside the establishments. There is strong support to stop smoking at public places in Iowa.

“It’s not something that’s being done against the will of the majority of the public,” said Kevin McCarthy, the House Majority Leader. He claims that there is evidence that four out of five people in Iowa have shown support of the ban.

The key for the gambling industry comes in the amendment to the Bill. Casinos and Veterans organization functions would be exempt to the new smoking laws. Those establishments would not be required to go smoke free.

The ban is catching the usual opposition from restaurant owners who are worried about the decrease in business that the ban would bring. They hide that fear behind the idea that business owners should have the right to chosewhether or not they allow smoking in their establishments.…

Casino Gambling – How to Win at Slots

Slot machines are commonly called a fool’s game, but you can win playing slots if you just apply a bit of strategy. By following these few simple rules, you will find yourself taking more money home than you actually spend at the casino. These rules apply whether you play penny slots or dollars.

Play only money you can afford to lose. You must never gamble in order to meet your bills.
Play the machines that have a greater chance of hitting. The fewer number of reels usually offers a greater probability of a winning line. Multi-line slots are fine, but remember that each line you play multiplies your bet. I usually try to play three-reel, one-line slots as opposed to five- or seven-reel slots.

When a machine has stopped paying, cash out and move to a different machine. Don’t keep playing a cold machine in hopes of a jackpot. It can hit, but most usually it will take all your money.
Don’t play a machine that has just hit big. Chances are, it won’t hit again for a long time.

This is the most important rule as this is the one that will make you a winner. Learn to stop when you are ahead. If you learn to cash out and leave when you are ahead, you will sometimes leave with a little more money, sometimes with a lot more – but you will leave with more.

Sometimes, you simply will not win. However, most of the time, the machine will pay you over the amount you’ve fed it. They tend to do this in order to tease you into playing out. If you follow these simple rules, you can beat the casino. You will NOT likely become filthy rich with this method, but you will come out ahead.…


Slot machines are the most popular form of casino entertainment, both at land-based casinos and online gambling sites. Microgaming, the leading software provider for the online gambling industry, has launched over 200 slot machine games over the past decade. Each of these slots has its own unique theme, ranging from American Indians to Japanese cooking to wealth and high society. This article summarizes ten of Microgaming’s 3-reel and 5-reel slots game that has geographical themes, including 7 Oceans, Frost Bite, Island Style, Jungle 7s, Solts Games Millions, Muchos Grande, no worries, and Pharaoh’s tomb.

Oceans is a 3-reel, single payline slot machine. It is based on the seven seas. 7 Oceans accepts coins from $ 0.25 to $ 5.00, and the maximum number of coins that you can bet per spin is 3. The maximum jackpot is 5,000 coins. 7 Oceans is an ideal game for the beginning slots player.Frost Bite is a 3-reel, single pay-line slot machine with an Arctic theme. Frost Bite accepts coins from 25 ¢ to $ 5.00, and the maximum number of coins that you can play per spin is 2. One Frost Bite symbol doubles your payout and 2 Frost Bite symbols quadruple your payout. If you hit all three Frost Bite symbols on the pay-line, you will win the maximum jackpot of $ 1,600.

Island Style is a 3-reel, single payline slot game with a tropical island theme. It accepts coins from $ 0.25 to $ 10.00, and the maximum number of coins that you can bet per spin is 3. The maximum jackpot is 2,400 coins.Embark on a treacherous adventure along the Inca trail. Jungle 7s is a 3-reel, single pay-line slot machine with an exploration and adventure theme. The coin range is 25 ¢ to $ 5.00, and you can bet up to 3 coins per pay-line per spin. With a maximum bet of $ 15.00, you could win a possible jackpot of $ 75,000 (15,000 coins). If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, Cabin Fever is a game that can appeal to you. Cabin Fever is 5-reel, 20 pay-line video slot machine all winter. The smallest coin size is 1 ¢, making the game appealing to low rollers. Two or more Wild Blizzard symbols on the pay-line create winning combinations. Two symbols pay out $ 15, three symbols pay out $ 100, four symbols pay out $ 1,000, and all …