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iMEGA Wins Online Gambling Case Against US DoJ and UIGEA

The long awaited outcome of the case The Interactive Media Entertainment & Gaming Association (iMEGA) brought against the United States Department of Justice has finally been released by residing Judge Mary L. Cooper. The ruling declared iMEGA’s standing as legitimate and threw out the United States’ claim that iMEGA should have no legal standing.

iMEGA claimed in the suit that the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA), a Bill snuck on to a must pass Port Security Bill by then Senator Bill Frist in the final moments of the 2006 senate sessions, infringes on the rights and freedoms of iMEGA’s many clients. The US claimed that iMEGA’s clients have not yet been harmed in any way by the UIGEA, and contended therefore that iMEGA had no grounds to bring this case to court. Judge Cooper ruled that iMEGA’s clients may possibly be harmed by the UIGEA and thus they do have legal standing to challenge the new law.

According to iMEGA’s lead council, Eric M. Bernstein, Esq., the ruling by Judge Cooper also upholds the idea that certain online gambling activity is only illegal in states that specifically declare it so.

“Judge Cooper’s ruling holds that, even with the passage of UIGEA, online gambling is only illegal in states where a statute specifically says it is,” Bernstein said.

Further explanation of the ruling came from the chairman of Imega. The ruling, however, was not all good news for iMEGA as their claims that the UIGEA violated their clients’ free speech rights were regarded as not true, according the Judge.

“The acceptance of a financial transfer is not speech,” Judge Cooper wrote in her ruling. “As the UIGEA does not impact expression, it does not come within the purview of the First Amendment.”

iMEGA plans on appealing that portion of the ruling.

“We believe Judge Cooper missed the opportunity to affirm Americans online privacy rights and we plan to appeal to the Third Circuit Court of Appeals,” Bernstein said.

The Judge also ruled against iMEGA on their claims that the UIGEA violates WTO rules, and that the UIGEA violates ex post facto statutes. The ex post facto argument by iMEGA states that the UIGEA can harm its members by charging them with crimes prior to the law passing, but the Judge ruled that the UIGEA does not demand retroactive implementation.

iMEGA also sued the DoJ over the UIGEA claiming that it …

iMEGA Suit to Repeal UIGEA Unchanged After Gonzales Resigns

On June 5, 2007 a little known not-for-profit group named iMEGA filed a complaint against Alberto Gonzales at the Department of Justice meant to repeal the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA). A court date was immediately given to iMEGA for August 17, but at the last moment the defense asked for an extension and the new date for the initial hearing was postponed until September 4.

So the gambling industry patiently began their wait.

Then, early Monday morning Alberto Gonzales unexpectedly resigned and the industry was left questioning what would happen to the iMEGA suit against him.

We were interested to know what would happen too so we contacted iMEGA and they let us know that absolutely nothing was going to change or stop this suit.

“There will be no change to our complaint versus UIGEA with Mr. Gonzales’ resignation,” a representative told us yesterday.

The rep from iMEGA also explained that the suit only mentions Alberto Gonzales’ name because an actual name has to be mentioned in a complaint as a matter of practice. He also emphasized that Alberto Gonzales is not personally targeted in this suit, but rather the real defendants are – the US Department of Justice (US DoJ), the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), and the Federal Reserve Board of Governors.

“Gonzales’ name was mentioned in the suit merely because a name had to be mentioned, you can’t file a suit ‘XXX v. The United States’, for instance,” the rep said.

The September 4 court date is originally when the hearing was to begin, but the defendant’s attorneys are expected to ask for an extension at that time. They are, however, due to respond to the iMEGA complaint on that day in court.…

iMEGA Suit Against UIGEA Strongest Fight Against the US Bill

According to the iMEGA website their legal team today filed a brief in US Circuit Court in the US 3rd District (New Jersey), supporting their request for a temporary restraining order against the enforcement of the UIGEA.

According to the brief iMEGA claims that the UIGEA is unconstitutional because it violates first amendment rights of individual states.

“The UIGEA itself is so inconsistent in striking across individual state regulation, sovereign Tribal licensing and sovereign international control of Internet gambling is as to make the UIGEA violative of First Amendment rights,” the brief states. “This inconsistency is nowhere more apparent than New Jersey, which permits the transfer of funds by payment system instrument by computer for the purpose of gambling, without reference to the location of the bet or wager.”

For those wondering who iMEGA represents, there may be some answers in the brief. “Some of its members are individuals or business entities engaged in the business of providing interactive entertainment services to individuals through use of personal computers, both with and without a fee.”

This could mean that they represent offshore gambling operations, or it could mean that they represent affiliates who reside in New Jersey, although there are no specifics stated in the briefing.

The case iMEGA brings to the court is one of the strongest forces against the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. The legal team for iMEGA has done quite a bit of research and believes its case is so strong that they are requesting for an immediate court date based on the strength and merit of its case.

Normally, a case is proposed and then does not see the light of day for months. But iMEGA claims that the UIGEA is so unconstitional and so damaging to those they represent that a TRO against the bill is imperative.…

iMEGA Case to Repeal UIGEA Gets Extension Until Late September

Although an extension in the case iMEGA has brought against the US Department of Justice in order to repeal the UIGEA will make those paying close attention to the industry a little bit more anxious, the extension of the case to September 26, granted today and agreed upon by both iMEGA and the defense, is actually seen as a good sign by the iMEGA team.

The extension gives the iMEGA team more time to prepare their oral arguments.

The better sign for the iMEGA team is that the judge, one Mary L. Cooper, has agreed to hear oral arguments on iMEGA’s petition for a temporary restraining order (TRO) against the implementation of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA), as well as the Government’s routine motion for dismissal.

Given the court’s willingness to hear oral arguments, iMEGA believes that a dismissal of the case is unlikely.

The original court date for this case was set for August 17th, but the day before that date the defense asked for an extension, which they were granted until the 4th of September.

Analysts assumed that on the September 4th court date the defense would ask for a dismissal and believed there would be a good chance that their request would be granted.

However, now that the judge has agreed to hear the oral arguments all assumptions are off.

iMEGA feels that the UIGEA, if allowed to stand, would create a bad precedent that would chill innovation and the growth of e-commerce by US firms, and permit the flow of jobs and Internet firms out of the US to avoid stifling laws.

In the case of UIGEA, iMEGA believes that the embrace of readily-available, commercial technology can help remedy the social ills (underage and compulsive gambling, as well as fraud) far better than this law, which – ironically – would likely exacerbate problem gambling.

The points iMEGA feel most strongly about can be backed up by testimony given to the House Financial Services Committee earlier in the year.…

Imagine : Freedom In A Ron Paul Run America

Imagine Real Freedom in a Ron Paul Run America Ron Paul’s discussions on American policies have been embraced by the American public. Eventually his views will be embraced by American mainstream media, his views will be talked about by news anchors and taken seriously in publicized discussions. Then, once Paul gets voted into office, his new and innovative policies will be embraced by the American Congress, because the American Congress will realize Paul’s views are America’s views, too. Then, real change may occur in the United States.

Okay, so the mainstream media may never embrace Ron Paul’s messages, and thus Ron Paul will not get voted into office, and thus Congress will never change their stances on issues. America, as a result, will not change and will remain headed in the same direction it is currently on. Go, status quo!

But just imagine for a second living in a country with no federal income taxes, while remaining prosperous. And imagine, not only preaching the Golden Rule, but living in a country that is guided by it. Imagine for a second living in a country that not only preaches peace, but strives for it through peaceful means. Imagine.

Imagine living in a country that is truly free.

Don’t be scared. It is scary, but don’t be scared, just sit back in your office chair, relax on your couch, turn off the radio or the TV, click off the computer screen, put your feet up on your desk or your ottoman, close your eyes, and imagine being free.

But be careful because real freedom is scary. And fear is a powerful emotion. Votes over the past six years have been based on fear, and fear is difficult to overcome.

But just imagine for a second truly living free. Relax, let go of all worry and concern, and just imagine. Just for a moment, imagine living free of fear.

Imagine being able to save money freely for retirement. Imagine having the ability to purchase goods, freely. Imagine being able to spend money on entertainment, freely. Imagine not being fearful of speaking on the phone freely to friends and family.

Imagine a government that does not hide facts from its people, that does not misguide its citizens to protect its own agendas.

Imagine. Don’t be scared. Just imagine. Imagine change. Embrace it.

Ron Paul’s messages may be ahead of their time, they may need …

Illegal Poker Game In Charleston Has Dealers Facing Charges

South Carolina has laws in place that make their stance on gambling very clear. It is not allowed when dealing with card games. Dealing, is what has gotten seven people into trouble.

Seven dealers are facing much stiffer penalties than the over fifty people who were accused of playing in an illegal gambling poker game.

The dealers will be charged with a misdemeanor, but their punishments, if convicted, could range from a $2,000 fine, to one year in jail, or both. That is the maximum penalty they will be facing.

“Charleston is not Las Vegas, and the reason it’s not is because there are laws in effect that draw a line. By far, most innocent games don’t pass that line. But when you start with the kind of organization and paid employees and large numbers, significant amounts of money and the frequency with which they played, all of those things indicate to us that it goes beyond the line,” said Charleston County Sheriff, Al Cannon.

As with most illegal gambling busts, this one came with a couple government employees involved. A teacher, a police officer, a Navy Lieutenant, and a deputy prosecutor, were all among the accused gamblers.

Several of these people have already been removed from their jobs. Other have resigned.

Nevada Casinos Have Hearing Set Regarding Teacher Tax Initiative

The battle in Nevada over proposed higher taxes for casinos is well under way. The Supreme Court will hear an appeal on July 1st in regards to a teachers initiative petition.

The initiative is trying to raise the taxes of large casinos in Nevada. The Nevada State Education Association has brought on the initiative, and is working to secure signatures.

The tax rate for large casinos under the initiative would be raised from 6.75%, to 9.75%. The tax hike would help fund the education system in Nevada.

The Nevada Resort Association has asked that an appeal they have filed be handled in an expeditious manor. The Supreme Court has honored those wishes and set the hearing for July 1st.

The initial ruling is that the teacher’s union could move forward with the initiative. They are one of several different groups that have been advocating raising the tax rate for casinos. Nevada has one of the lowest tax rates for their casinos. The groups looking to have the taxes raised feel that with higher taxes, the money could be used …