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iMEGA Wins Online Gambling Case Against US DoJ and UIGEA
The long awaited outcome of the case The Interactive Media Entertainment & Gaming Association (iMEGA) brought against the United States Department of [...]
iMEGA Suit to Repeal UIGEA Unchanged After Gonzales Resigns
On June 5, 2007 a little known not-for-profit group named iMEGA filed a complaint against Alberto Gonzales at the Department of Justice meant to repeal the [...]
iMEGA Suit Against UIGEA Strongest Fight Against the US Bill
According to the iMEGA website their legal team today filed a brief in US Circuit Court in the US 3rd District (New Jersey), supporting their request for a [...]
iMEGA Case to Repeal UIGEA Gets Extension Until Late September
Although an extension in the case iMEGA has brought against the US Department of Justice in order to repeal the UIGEA will make those paying close [...]
Imagine : Freedom In A Ron Paul Run America
Imagine Real Freedom in a Ron Paul Run America Ron Paul’s discussions on American policies have been embraced by the American public. Eventually his [...]
Illegal Poker Game In Charleston Has Dealers Facing Charges
South Carolina has laws in place that make their stance on gambling very clear. It is not allowed when dealing with card games. Dealing, is what has gotten [...]