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iMEGA Suit to Repeal UIGEA Unchanged After Gonzales Resigns

On June 5, 2007 a little known not-for-profit group named iMEGA filed a complaint against Alberto Gonzales at the Department of Justice meant to repeal the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA). A court date was immediately given to iMEGA for August 17, but at the last moment the defense asked for an extension and the new date for the initial hearing was postponed until September 4.

So the gambling industry patiently began their wait.

Then, early Monday morning Alberto Gonzales unexpectedly resigned and the industry was left questioning what would happen to the iMEGA suit against him.

We were interested to know what would happen too so we contacted iMEGA and they let us know that absolutely nothing was going to change or stop this suit.

“There will be no change to our complaint versus UIGEA with Mr. Gonzales’ resignation,” a representative told us yesterday.

The rep from iMEGA also explained that the suit only mentions Alberto Gonzales’ name because an actual name has to be mentioned in a complaint as a matter of practice. He also emphasized that Alberto Gonzales is not personally targeted in this suit, but rather the real defendants are – the US Department of Justice (US DoJ), the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), and the Federal Reserve Board of Governors.

“Gonzales’ name was mentioned in the suit merely because a name had to be mentioned, you can’t file a suit ‘XXX v. The United States’, for instance,” the rep said.

The September 4 court date is originally when the hearing was to begin, but the defendant’s attorneys are expected to ask for an extension at that time. They are, however, due to respond to the iMEGA complaint on that day in court.

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